Friday, October 15, 2010

College Major of the Week: Culinology

This week: Culinology offered at Southwest MN State University
- Length of the program: 2 years (after your generals are completed) - 4 year degree
- Typical Career Name:Research & Development Chef, TechnoChef,Product Assurance/Development Manager, Corporate Executive Chef, Culinary R & D Chef, Senior Culinary Research Technologist, Savory Lab Manager, Product Formulation Chef
- What do I do with this? Culinology prepares people to cook and present meals in restaurants and other places that serve food. Students learn to plan menus and recipes. They study different cooking techniques. They also learn how to buy supplies and manage kitchens.
- Things to know: You are expected to purchase your own cooking tools and chef's uniform. If your program does not offer a practicum or externship, seek out an apprenticeship on your own. As mentioned above, a practicum gives you working experience and exposes you to different cooking styles. You also make professional contact with potential employers or references. A few different organizations offer certification as a culinary artist or chef. While certification is not required to be a chef, it does show potential employers your competence and knowledge of cooking. Every state has different regulations for food safety and preparation in institutions such as restaurants. Check with your local health department or state restaurant association for more information on specific requirements. You may need to get a certificate in food safety before you can start working.
- Approximate starting wage: $50,000 a year (with 100% placement after graduation)!

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