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Class of 2015-Present

Friday, October 29, 2010

College Major of the Week: Energy Technical Specialist

This week: Energy Technical Specialist offered at Alexandria Technical College
- Length of the program: 2 years
- Typical Career Name:MANY!!!! Careers are offered in Engineering, Installation and Repair, Production and Construction; one careers example: Power Distributors and Dipatchers
- What do I do with this? Power plant operators adjust controls to distribute power demands among the generators. They also monitor the instruments that regulate the flow of electricity from the plant.
- Things to know: This a very broad college major, but will open many doors. With such an enormous push for things to "go green" this will be a very employable career path with many "in demand" job opportunities. You must like working with your hands, have good communication skills, like working in various conditions (inside and outdoors) and have good problem solving skills.
- Approximate starting wage: $30+ per hour!

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