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Class of 2015-Present

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Invite to Parents of Seniors

If you are a senior or a parent of a senior, I would like to invite you to set up an appointment with your son/daughter to talk about post-high school plans. This meeting could be quite helpful if your son/daughter is trying to decide where to go to college, which college to attend, what major they are interested in, jobs available after high school, and credits needed to graduate, etc.

I will be taking appointments on a first come, first served basis during conferences. Conferences are Monday, Nov. 22nd and 23rd from 5-8 p.m. and Nov. 24th from 8am-12noon. I can meet with you for one half hour increment. These are the appointments:

Monday, Nov. 22nd:
5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd:
5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00

Wednesday, Nov. 24th:
8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00

If you are most interested in learning more about financial aid, I invite you to attend an excellent informational meeting at the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University on Monday, January 24th. This person will discuss all types of financial aid for all types of schools, not just private colleges. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be available that evening as well as the opportunity for a question/answer time. Please plan to attend with your student. Information will be mailed to you from St. Ben's (this is just the location, it is not associated with St. Ben's).

Again, this is an optional, yet a very informative meeting. If you are interested in making an appointment, please contact me at 320-256-4224. When you set up the appointment please indicate what information you feel you need the most help with (i.e. your student is interested in attending a college with a major in Engineering, what schools would be best, etc.) Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to visiting with you soon!

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