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Monday, November 8, 2010

College Major of the Week: Cardiovacular Technologist

This week: Cardiovascular Technologist offered at St. Cloud Technical College (and a few others in MN)
- Length of the program: 2-3 years
- Typical Career Name: Often you are called an Ultrasound Tech (Sonography Tech) with a specialty in performing Cardiology (Heart and Vascular) Ultrasounds.
- What do I do with this? Programs in cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary technology prepare people to test and help physicians treat health problems of the heart and lungs. Students learn to operate equipment and monitor patients. They also learn to comfort patients and respond to emergencies.
- Things to know: For the clinical part of this program, you're required to buy your own uniforms and provide transportation to get yourself to and from your practicum site. You also need liability insurance. There is some radiation use in cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary technology. The risk of harm from radiation is very small. However, if you are pregnant, you are usually required to tell the program director. That way, arrangements can be made to protect your unborn child. Graduating from an accredited program qualifies you to take a registry exam in cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary technology. Registration is not required in every state, but it shows employers and patients that you are skilled and knowledgeable in this program. Students who complete an electrocardiograph program as part of a cardiovascular program qualify to take the national certification exam administered by the Cardiology Credentialing International. In some cases, EKG programs are offered separately from cardiovascular technology programs.
- Approximate starting wage: $22+ per hour with a 92% placement (which is good!)

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