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Class of 2015-Present

Friday, December 3, 2010

College Major of the Week: Recreation Therapy

This week: Recreation Therapy at St. Cloud State University.
- Length of the program: 4 years (can go on and get a master's for additional career opportunities)
- Typical Career Name: Recreational Therapist, Rehab Counselor
- What do I do with this? Recreation therapy programs prepare people to use leisure activities to promote health and healing in patients. Students learn counseling and leisure program planning. They also learn about human growth and ways to work with people with special needs
- Things to know: Recreation therapists are often called "therapeutic recreation specialists." Most people with a degree in recreation therapy become certified. You must graduate from an accredited program, gain a specific number of hours of direct client contact, and pass an exam. You then become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, or CTRS. Many states require you to be certified before you can work with clients and patients.
- Approximate starting wage: $20 per hour. This career path has an "above average" employment outlook, which essentially means a majority of those graduating in this field will get a job out of college.

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