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Monday, February 28, 2011

Information about College Courses at Melrose HS

Well I fell off of the blogging bandwagon for a while there. It's been very busy in the guidance department with pre-registration in January and then Accuplacer testing the past 3 weeks.

What is Accuplacer testing? The Accuplacer test is a test that is required by M State Fergus Falls and Fond du Lac Community College in order to take college credit courses. So essentially in order to take the college credit courses for credit that we offer at Melrose HS you must take and pass the Accuplacer test (as outlined by the colleges).

In order to be able to take the Accuplacer test you must be a junior or senior (in the 2011-2012 academic year), as a junior you must have a 3.2 CUM GPA and as a senior you must have a 2.8 CUM GPA. This GPA must be attained by the end of fall semester of the 2010-2011 school year. In addition, check the registration manual (link is off to the right of this blog) as some courses have additional criteria (higher GPA, teacher recommendation, etc.)

It's not an easy test. It's very important that students are studying for this test. I list a web site under Useful Websites (listed off to the right of this blog). In addition students can study just by Googling "Accuplacer Practice Tests".

Here is a breakdown of the tests required by the college for the following courses:

Fond du Lac CC - for all of their classes students must pass the reading and sentence skills test
Spanish III
Spanish IV
German III
German IV

M State Fergus Falls
Composition and Literature (teacher recommendation and pass the reading test)
Psychology (pass the reading test)
College Biology (pass the reading test)
College Chemistry (pass the reading and math tests)
College Physics (pass the reading and math tests)
College Algebra (teacher recommendation and pass the math test)
College Statistics (teacher recommendation and pass the math test)
College Trigonometry (complete College Alg and Stats and pass the math test)
College Calculus (complete Trigonometry and pass the math test)

Things to keep in mind: if you do not get into a course that you requested and passed all the required tests, make sure you have talked to the teacher of that course as many of them (again, check the registration manual) have additional criteria besides meeting the minimum criteria.
If you do not pass the test and will be a junior, you will have the opportunity to re-test again as an incoming senior (next school year). As a reminder, you can test once and then re-test once. This is a rule set up by the colleges, not Melrose HS. I wish I could let everyone pass and take the classes for credit, but there are criteria that the colleges are very strict about.

If you have questions, feel free to email or call me!

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