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Class of 2015-Present

Thursday, March 17, 2011

College Major of the Week: Interior Design

This week: Interior Design, offered at Alexandria Technical College
- Length of the program: 2 years (Associate's Degree)
- Typical Career Name: Interior Designer, Designer's Assistant, Kitchen and Bath Designer, Residential Designer, Sales Associate or Manufacturer's Representative
- What do I do with this? Interior design programs prepare people to plan and design indoor spaces. Students learn drafting and graphic methods to express their designs. They learn to select furniture and furnishings to fit their space designs. They also learn about building codes and laws.
- Things to know: Getting a diploma or an associate degree in interior design typically prepares you to be only a design assistant and not a professional interior designer. However, it also provides a useful introduction to this program of study. If you decide afterwards that this program is truly right for you, you can apply to get a baccalaureate or graduate degree.

Many states require you to be licensed before you can practice. Even when licensing is not required, a potential employer or client wants assurance of your professional competence and educational background. Passing the certification exam given by the National Council for Interior Design shows these things about you; it also qualifies you for licensure where necessary.

- Approximate starting wage: $25.28 per hour with a high growth (meaning a good job outlook)!

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