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Class of 2015-Present

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

College Major of the Week: Crop and Weed Science

This week: Crop and Weed Science, offered at NDSU

- Length of the program: 4 years (Bachelor's Degree)

- Typical Career Name: Agricultural Inspectors, Agricultural Scientists, Agricultural Worker Supervisors, Conservation Scientists, Farmers and Farm Managers, Food Scientists

- What do I do with this? Programs in agronomy and crop science teach people the science of raising crops. Students learn how plants and soils interact. They also learn about plant growth and behavior. In addition, they learn how to prepare and maintain soils to cultivate healthy plants.

- Things to know: It helps to grow up living on a farm or working with crops and plant life. Internships or supervised work experience may lead to employment or better job prospects and recommendations.

Due to some program's locations, you can focus on a particular crop or plant. For instance, programs located in Iowa may concentrate on corn production. This is because corn is the predominate crop grown there.

For information about farm occupations, opportunities, and 4-H activities, contact your local county extension service office.

Many states require you to be licensed before you can practice. Even when licensing is not required, a potential employer or client wants assurance of your professional competence and educational background. Passing the certification exam given by the National Council for Interior Design shows these things about you; it also qualifies you for licensure where necessary.

- Approximate starting wage: $18.47 per hour with a high growth (meaning a good job outlook)!

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