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Class of 2015-Present

Friday, May 20, 2011

College Major of the Week: Water and Wastewater Technologies

This week: Water and Wastewater Technologies, offered at St Cloud Community and Technical College

- Length of the program: 2 years (Associate's Degree)

- Typical Career Name: Chemical Equipment Operators, Chemical Plant Operators, Engineering Technicians, Science Technicians, Water Treatment Plant Operators

- What do I do with this? Water and wastewater treatment technology programs prepare people to help engineers and others develop water systems. Students learn about water storage and treatment systems. They also learn to inspect, test samples, and write reports.

- Things to know: The technology in this field continues to change constantly, so you should take classes throughout your career to keep your skills up to date, even if your locality does not require it. The good news is that often your employer will pay for these classes.

You may need to pass a civil service exam to be employed by a municipality.

- Approximate starting wage: $21.54 per hour with a high growth (meaning a good job outlook)! I often tell students interested in some type of Natural Resources career path to look at this as this career path has a higher growth of job opportunities.

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  1. That is good news then. There was a time when if you need trainings like this you would need to fly to somewhere to get that education, but it is good nowadays that there are now a lot of training centers and universities offering such education.