Class of 2015-present: Request your HS transcript!

Class of 2015-Present

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


FAFSA: Just a reminder that if you need help filling out the FAFSA - click here for a few options.  The event at St. Cloud State tomorrow (Oct 19), you must click on the link under the information to RSVP.  The same is true for the event at St. John's/St. Ben's.  By now you should have also received the information regarding the FAFSA completion event we are having here at Melrose HS on Nov. 9th.  A letter was mailed home last week.

Requesting HS transcripts: Here are the steps to requesting a high school transcript (if you haven't already set up an account with Parchment - the electronic delivery service we use to send the transcripts).
1) Student logs into their school email
2) Once logged in, click on "More" on the left side near Inbox
3) Click on Spam
4) Find a message from Parchment - should be from October 4
5) Click on "Display Images Below"
6) Scroll down in the message and click on the green bar
7) Follow the steps to finish setting up the account and requesting the transcript

Free application week!: Next week is the week where a student can apply to all state colleges (click here for the list) for FREE! If you need help on applying to college, I will be holding a meeting in the library computer lab before school next Tuesday, Oct. 24 (starting right at 7:40) and after school (starting right at 3:00).  I will help you go step by step through the application and assist you in requesting your high school transcript.  If you need help with the application - this is for you!  Please attempt to be at one of the sessions and be on time as it will be a step by step presentation and coming late will cause some confusion.

As always, contact me with any questions!

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